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OOzooland Adventures
Written by Robert E. Wood
Illustrated by Gina Femrite

OOzooland Adventures take place in a magical country where the citizens are animals saved from their homes in many places around the earth that people have destroyed.  The animals manufacture beautiful dreams for children and many other wonderful things.  These good animals use their magic boats to deliver their beautiful dreams to children.  They have probably delivered some of these dreams to you.  The animals also care for the environment and help other animals who are in danger.

Close to OOzooland is Wicked Island where bad boys and girls make bad dreams for children and try to trash the environment.  Candle, her brother, Deniman, and their friends began helping the animals of OOzooland.  They share many beautiful times together and some dangerous times as well as they try to prevent the bad children of Wicked Island from doing bad deeds.

Candle And The Magic Boat is the first book in the OOzooland Adventure series.  In this story Candle receives a magic boat for her birthday and is transported by it to OOzooland.  That is where she meets the animal citizens and our adventure series begins.  In book two, The Magic Treasure Chest, Candle's brother and their friends become a part of the adventure.  
Suggested reading from "read to children age four" to readers age twelve.

Look below for a peek inside!!
Candle arrives in OOzooland in Wisdom Square
The OOzooland citizens gather around Candle to greet her in Wisdom Square.
Candle opens one of the many doors from Wisdom Square and looks out at White Mountain Slide and Glassy Ice Lake.
Candle steps into her new Magic Boat and says goodbye to her new OOzooland friends.
Robert E. Wood
United States
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