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Meet Some of the Animal Citizens of OOzooland 

LENZTELLI the Great Horned Owl LENZTELLI: Great Horned Owl (do not have a special conservation status, although at one time they were hunted because they are birds of prey) He is the elder citizen of OOzooland and very wise. Some would say he is as brilliant as the stars in Moonbeam Lane. As the first citizen of OOzooland he arrived in OOzooland during a period when the numbers of great horned owls were declining. Large numbers of owls were being killed because they would catch and eat domestic fowl, but once it was understood that they benefitted mankind by keeping rodent populations down, therefore preventing the spread of disease, their numbers increased. LENZTELLI presides over the monthly meetings in Wisdom Square and conducts the Oaths of Unfractured Love to new citizens. His Magic House is near Moonbeam Lane.
FOOFOOTH: Sumatran Tiger (critically endangered) When he is not busy working or delivering dreams he passes his time grooming, as all good cats should. He is not actually conceited; he just has a high opinion of himself. He is very energetic and enjoys chasing the butterflies in Butterfly Meadow, although he never harms them. FOOFOOTH is very graceful and affectionate. He is the manager of the Magic Mirror Factory. His Magic House is located in the OOzooland Forest near Nutritious Road. FOOFOOTH the Sumatran Tiger
COOZOO the Brown Headed Spider Monkey COOZOO: Brown Headed Spider Monkey (critically endangered) COOZOO was led to OOzooland when he was discovered chained to an organ grinder’s stand where he was forced to perform everyday dancing on the hot pavement of the city. He is a proud and industrious monkey and is very attentive to detail. He has great leadership abilities and is assertive, not only able to think up solutions but also follow the plans through to completion. The other citizens see him as a very pleasant character and enjoy working with him on any project. He helps out in the Magic Furniture Factory as well as delivering dreams. His Magic House is located on the white fluffy slopes of Marshmallow Mountain overlooking the hot springs from which the Hot Chocolate Falls flow.
GRABBER: Green Sea Turtle (endangered) He was sickened by the pollution in the oceans and after a great storm was found washed up on the beach at Golden Bay. It is Grabber’s job to take care of the Golden Sand. This Sand is gathered from Golden Beach and taken to Wisdom Square where it is sifted for knowledge. He has been given this task because the other animals see him as very reliable and responsible. He is a very proper turtle and takes great pride in his grooming and appearance. His Magic House is located in Golden Bay. GRABBER the Green Sea Turtle
SNIFFNU the Brown Bear SNIFFNU: Brown Bear (conservation status: least concern) He operates the OOzooland Print Factory where he publishes the OOzooland News from the knowledge sifted out of the Golden Sand, as well as manufacturing the Life’s Footprints Diaries. Although he is quite fearless he is also a peaceful and compassionate creature. Being a bear he can sometimes be a bit messy but takes pride in his work being completed to perfection. His Magic House is located in the Holiday Tree Forest near Candy Cane Lane.
PUSSOLPUTS: Indian Elephant (endangered) PUSSOLPUTS was rescued after his mother was killed by poachers and he was still quite small, for an elephant. COOZOO brought him, in his Magic Boat, to OOzooland where he has grown into a mighty and imaginative adult elephant. He manages the Magic Dream Factory in OOzooland where he, with the help of other animal citizens, creates beautiful dreams to deliver to the children of the world. PUSSOLPUTS’ Magic House is located near Butterfly Meadow and Sunbeam Loop PUSSOLPUTS the Indian Elephant
CANULIT the Dutch Rabbit CANULIT: Dutch Rabbit (not endangered, generally one of the more desired breeds) He always has a positive outlook; in other words his glass is always half full. He is quite skillful and a very gentle soul. CANULIT is alert to dangers and quick to find solutions. He is comfortable bringing his own ideas to the table making him a great asset at the monthly meetings. He manages the Magic Furniture Factory; they also build the Magic Boats and Magic Houses. His Magic House is located in Butterfly Meadow near Sunbeam Loop.
SAVALLA: Hector’s Dolphin (endangered) She is sweet and giving of her time to help the others in any way she can. She is very loyal and grateful for being rescued from a trawler’s fishing net many years ago. Her talents are as numerous as the grains of sand upon the ocean’s shore. Her Magic House is in the waters of Shimmering Reflection Lake. SAVALLA the Hector's Dolphin
WHITETIP the Polar Bear WHITETIP: Polar Bear (vulnerable) WHITETIP became a citizen when LENZTELLI saw him and HUMBERON running away from a filthy and poorly managed zoo. Although he was mistreated and injured he is still trusting and considerate. It is WHITETIP’s nature to be cheerful and funny, not at all what people think of when they think polar bear. His Magic House is built in the Snowy Forest. His job is taking care of the Snowy Forest, White Mountain Slide and Glassy Ice Lake.
ZIPPER: American Alligator (Once on the verge of extinction it is now only endangered in scattered areas of its range) ZIPPER became a citizen when LENZTELLI, flying high above the everglades, saw that he was in danger from alligator hunters. So LENZTELLI warned him and showed him the way to OOzooland. His Magic House is located near the Planetary Playground just off the Star Blinking Path. Although ZIPPER’s favorite pastime is having fun he is always willing to help out in the Magic Dream Factory. He is happy and popular often flashing his “crocodile smile.” ZIPPER the American Alligator
HOPPHI the Eastern Grey Kangaroo HOPPHI: Eastern Grey Kangaroo (conservation status: least concern) She has special ways to get around in OOzooland that Candle and her friends will enjoy on future visits. She is efficient and healthy making her a good manager at the Magic Meals Factory. Some might think she is picky but she is just exacting in her work. HOPPHI’s Magic House overlooks Goldfish River near Lily Brook Way.
LOVEFOO: White Ringneck Dove (conservation status: domesticated) She is very helpful and able to fly high, so she can spot things the others need to know about when solving problems. She always seems to prove her usefulness. LOVEFOO is graceful and somewhat mysterious. Her Magic House is built high in the trees of Holiday Tree Forest near Candy Cane Lane. LOVEFOO the White Ringneck Dove
HUMBERON the Cross River Gorilla HUMBERON: Cross River Gorilla (critically endangered) HUMBERON became a citizen when LENZTELLI spotted him and WHITETIP as they escaped from a filthy and poorly managed zoo. He is intelligent but would rather listen to everyone else’s ideas before sharing his thoughts on a solution to problems. He is strong and courageous but rather timid from his years at the zoo. He has a bit of a nervous nature. He helps out in the Magic Furniture Factory and his Magic House is also located in the OOzooland Forest near Nutritious Road.
Robert E. Wood
United States
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