Giving Back To The Children

Robert E. Wood
In Recognition of his valuable and Humanitarian contribution to the children of Jefferson-Lincoln Elementary School and the furtherance of their reading and writing literacy through generous financial support.

This was an exciting event as the principal and staff of Jefferson-Lincoln Elementary School in Centralia, WA awarded Robert with their thanks and gratitude. Please view some of the snap-shots from this occasion.

Here Robert is seen receiving the award from Jim Case of Kiwanis of Centralia. In the center is Jefferson-Lincoln Elementary Principal Glen Spinnie.


Principal Glen Spinnie takes this shot as he is looking over some of the books donated by Robert.


From left to right, Brenda Deck a School Teacher at Jefferson-Lincoln, Robert E. Wood, honored guest and author, Principal Glen Spinnie and Kiwanis Club Member, Jim Case are pictured discussing the importance of a child's reading development.


Letter From Principal Glen Spinnie to Author Robert E. Wood



Robert E. Wood
United States
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